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Vanille: STFU! (SchiZo sketch #5)

This week’s SchiZo sketch is the result of me pretty much spending the entire easter weekend playing Final Fantasy XIII. It’s a …. decent enough game. The graphics are stellar, the voice acting…. not so much. Every time you bring any of the female characters (but Vanille in particular), you’re in for a .. somewhat unwanted treat perhaps. They moan so much I’m pretty much embarrassed playing the game with sound. I’m fairly certain the entire game is a poorly disguised attempt to bring the adult video industry to well-respected japanese business-men. “Nonono, I’m not a pervert enjoying pornographic content. I’m just in touch with my inner child. I enjoy video games!”. Yeah.

If you haven’t played the game; hit the jump to see a video of Vanilla in combat. Also after the jump: SchiZo’s reaction to a week of Vanille’s moaning. Makes sense, really.


Cuteness Kills! (SchiZo sketch #4)

Back yet again for a sketch drawn by SchiZo, with an idea pitched by me. The challenge this week was to draw the cutest thing you can think of Рthe cutest thing ever  - that will kill you. The cutest, cuddliest, deadliest creature. I really enjoyed the result, so cute, so alluring, yet oh so deadly.

SchiZo Says: Not much to say about this picture, so go and have a look at what happens when you fall asleep while your girlfriend has a grudge and access to instant-tattoos :|


The Dragon (SchiZo Sketch #3)

Another tuesday, another sketch. After a couple of sleepless days last week, I wanted something nice this time around! A dragon! Everyone loves dragons! They are cute! And … fiery! Hit the jump to see the result(s). (Yes, there are two drawings!)

SchiZo Says: Apologies for the lack of cuteness in the previous update. We cool?


SchiZo Sketch #2

Ohboyohboy. To continue the tradition of what freaks me out, we’re at the second SchiZo Sketch today. And, well, it speaks for itself. I probably was a bit vague in describing this week’s challenge: a creature surviving without eyes, but geez: with the hotel story and this drawing I’m looking at a lot of sleepless weeks!

SchiZo Comment:¬†Thomas wanted a creature of sorts with no eyes. I’m confident that this is not what he had in mind :)


Weekly SchiZo Sketch #1

My girlfriend is an awesome artist, and I wanted her to use her talent more often! So we came up with the idea of me pitching her a new idea every week, and she drawing a sketch of that idea. I love the concept and will post the results right here, on my blog.

First out: the idea of a collision of the two BioWare worlds of Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Something from the future meets the fascinating idea of magic. Think of a robotic being wielding the powers of magic.